The more conscious we are the more receptive we become to the resonance of the One True Creator and to the All of Creation. As our consciousness expands the connection becomes clearer and more fine-tuned. The signal becomes stronger, thus allowing a profound increase in clarity, which ultimately leads to greater understanding and awareness on deeper and deeper levels.

Susan is an experienced and gifted healer and intuitive who provides energetic healing sessions and consultations to her clients, allowing them to remove blocks and issues that have kept them from moving forward and reaching their fullest positive potential in all areas of their life—health, financial, love relationships, family dynamics, and employment. Her ultimate goal is to assist others in remembering who they truly are on a soul level and reminding them to be consciously aware of their intuition and to pay attention to all the messages and signals they receive.

Susan has studied various forms of healing modalities for over 31 years and has studied with numerous teachers from all over the World, including Tibet, India, China, and Peru. She also attended a 17 month course at The Meta Institute for Life Coaching.

Her gifts include energetic healing, energy shifting, and receiving intuitive messages and her services include Energetic Healings and Consultations, Energetic Space Clearings for Homes and Businesses, and Totem Animal Readings. Group readings and group healing sessions are also available. Susan also provides Energetic Healing sessions for Animals, including the humans who belong to them.

Sessions can be done long distance (remotely) or in person. It does not matter where in the world (or the Universe) one may be located, for we are all energy and we are all connected regardless of the physical location we may happen to occupy at any given moment.

Since everything in the All of Creation is energy-including you, your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Becoming more aware of and paying attention to those energies assists in the transformation and transmutation process and allows healing, shifting, and changes to occur.

When you schedule your session, Susan will communicate with you as to the goals you want to reach. Her clients have expressed that after having a session, they experience a feeling of peace, calm, healing and tranquility. Even subtle energy shifts have been noticed that initiated transformation and change on multiple levels.

Eagle Medicine

The word “Medicine” here is not referring to any kind of pill or drug. Instead, it is referring to the vital forces of Nature, personal power, and anything that promotes healing, wellness, wholeness, connection to the Creator and to the All of Creation. All beings carry “Medicine” consisting of energies, traits, qualities, skills, lessons, habits, and abilities unique to them.

Eagle Medicine is connection to the Creator, to spirit, to the Divine. Eagles are messengers from the Heavens and the embodiment of the spirit of the Sun. Soaring close to the Sun represents purification. Eagle is also associated with water, which is symbolic of emotion, creative energies, and psychic aspects. Thus, the fire of the Sun and water together represent a form of alchemy.

Eagle Medicine embodies healing, creation, expansion, connection to the element of air, the higher mind, the inner child, and freedom. Eagle soars high in the Heavens, yet also remains grounded to Earth, thus navigating both the Realm of Spirit and the Realm of Earth. Eagle Medicine teaches us how to walk between the two worlds of Spirit and Earth and to be in the world but not of it.

Eagle Feathers are considered the most powerful of healing tools and are used during healing ceremonies and to cleanse the aura.

Eagle Medicine is filled with responsibility and warrants personal and spiritual growth, as karmic lessons come around faster and stronger. Eagle teaches us to soar beyond the horizon of what one can see, of one’s own comfort zone, to new levels of awareness.

Eagles build their nests in high places, thus reminding us to do the same. Eagle teaches us to strive to reach higher levels of consciousness, higher ideals, and to soar above the dense and heavy energetic patterns that keep us stuck in the illusion that our wings have been clipped or that we are unable to fly.

“May the Wolf always protect you and may your spirit soar with the Eagle.” —Susan Kay Hanzlik