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Intuitive Energetic Services

Long Distance (Remote) Energetic Healing Sessions

The actual healing portion of the session averages between 1.5 and 2 hours. However, the total of time invested per session averages 3 to 4 hours (sometimes longer), as each session also includes detailed notes and a telephone consultation.

Any information that is received during the session is written down. Once the session has been completed, a telephone consultation is scheduled with the client to discuss the session and to answer any questions the client may have. After the phone consultation, the notes taken during the session are then e-mailed to the client, along with any other significant and important information that may benefit the client, to keep for their records.

Susan works on the premise that all healing comes from the One True Creator and from within each being. Thoughts, words, beliefs, actions, and emotions are all very important. Language is KEY. The very words we speak and allow into our vocabulary are extremely important, for we do all indeed create our own realities and those words we speak literally bring to us what we have spoken…

The four quotes below are not Susan’s, however they very much resonate with her:

“It is done unto you as you believe.”
“It was your Faith that healed you.”
“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.”
“You cannot discover new Oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the Shore.”

Each session is based on the intention(s) of the client and is aligned with the will of the One True Creator and the Soul of the client. There is no force, there is no manipulation, there is no control of the outcome, and there is no “fixing” of anything.

Each Energetic Healing Session includes an energetic clearing of the aura and any messages that come in during the session are given to the client.

*Each of the services Susan provides are considered by her to be Sacred Ceremonies

Pricing for a complete session: $183

Totem Animal Sessions

A Totem Animal Session involves the discovering of one’s own personal totem animals (also known as medicine animals, animal guides, spirit animals, spirit helpers). The session also includes an explanation of the “medicine” of each totem animal, along with some of the lessons they impart and teach.

The totem animals include the four-leggeds, the winged-ones, the finned-ones, and the creepy-crawlers.

Totem Animal Sessions take approximately 2 hours or longer, depending upon how many people participate in the session. An energetic clearing of the room where the session is to be conducted will be provided during the session, as well as a clearing of the aura of the one(s) who will be participating in the session.

All life is sacred in the All of Creation. The healing of the body, mind, and spirit includes learning, teaching, lessons, and discernment. Learning does not stop. It is continuous, simultaneous, and endless…

Although any animal can come into your life at any time, whether it be for a moment, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year or longer, to give a message, show a sign, teach a lesson, or assist in some other way, there are specific animals who remain with you throughout your entire lifetime and those animals choose you. It’s those animals who reveal themselves during a session…

The more one learns about the medicine of one’s own totem animals, the more one learns about one’s own self. After all, this Earth Walk is a continual journey of self-discovery and conscious awareness.

When someone is “consciously aware” of something, that awareness creates a change and a shift takes place, much like a sprout that surfaces from a seed that has been planted. From that sprout, roots eventually take hold, creating a strong and sturdy foundation. Once the foundation is in place, the energy then begins building upon itself, just like a building that emerges upwards from its foundation or a Tree that grows tall and strong from its roots.

The more conscious someone becomes of that change or shift, no matter how seemingly small or subtle, the more that consciousness will grow and expand. All the while that takes place, a deeper awareness and awakening occurs. Intuition, messages, knowings, realizations, and connections become stronger, clearer, and more concise.

Just like the branches of a Tree, expansion will continue to branch out and spontaneous synchronicities and opportunities may seem to appear out of nowhere, yet…all of this began with one tiny seed that contained the full potential to grow, emerge, and expand into endless possibilities…

Life is a Mirror that continually reflects back to us all of the energies that we are continually emanating… Totem animals help to teach lessons regarding what’s being reflected back to us in the Mirror and why. They also assist in teaching about the Shadow Self and how to discern, contemplate, and observe all of the various reflections, images, illusions, and energies that will appear in the Mirror. Everything that shows up in the Mirror of Life shows us exactly what we are emanating and what we are putting out into the World…

The Shadow Self is something that many humans prefer to not look at. Some would rather ignore and deny the Shadow Self by pretending that it simply does not exist at all. However, the Truth of the matter is, the Shadow Self does exist…

All of those things that we do not want to admit to, all of those things that we do not want to look at or acknowledge, all of those things that we either do not want to know or pretend that we don’t know, all of those things that we would much rather run or hide from, all of those dark secrets that we attempt to keep hidden, all of those fears that we do not want to face, each and every one of these things are energies that reside within the Shadow Self and all of these energies show up in the Mirror; reflecting back to us each and every single thing that we do not want to see and do not want to look at…

Because the Shadow Self is part of us, it is continuously emanating its reflection to us, whether we are willing to look at that reflection or not. Everything we prefer to not have to see, to not have to feel, to not have to speak, to not have to hear, to not have to touch, to not have to smell, to not have to taste, to not have to deal with, is reflected back to us in the Mirror…

However, within the Shadow Self, also resides the energies of trust, love, faith, healing, self-respect, compassion, creativity, nurturing, integrity, authenticity, empathy, balance, peace, personal power, security, self-esteem, courage, tranquility, joy, inner knowing, empathy, revelations, wisdom, talent, gifts, skills, learning, lessons, teachings, and abilities also reside. So when we acknowledge our Shadow Self and do our work by allowing ourselves to venture deep within; to those very places where we may much rather prefer not to go, these energies will also reflect back to us in the Mirror and they will also surface in our lives, much like the sprout that surfaced from the tiny seed…

Pieces and parts of the energy of the Soul can become lost, wounded, fearful, angry, lonely, disengaged, fragmented, separated, shattered, hidden or disconnected and the aftermath of all of this is reflected in the Mirror. The first step in the healing process is to simply be willing to acknowledge what has taken place, without judgment or shame. Doing this is part of the process of working with the Shadow Self. The next step is to let go of the outcome. The ultimate goal is to heal these energies and bring them all back Home to the Soul, aligned, whole, connected, and complete.

A Totem Animal Session plants a seed with the intention of having that seed sprout, take root, and grow into greater and greater awareness as time goes on.

Pricing for a reading: $120

*Group rates are also available. Please contact Susan for group rate pricing.*

Energetic Home and Space Clearings

This Planet is sacred and our homes are also sacred spaces.

Everything is energy and energy is meant to move, shift, and flow.

Emotions are also energy and the energies of emotions can linger within the home and work environments and can often become stuck or stagnate. The energies of tension, uneasiness, stress, fear, constriction, anger, depression, overwhelm, exhaustion, and worry, for example can be felt by all who enter these spaces, whether conscious or unconscious, thus bringing on a feeling of “something just does not feel right in this space” and these feelings can be both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually draining on the occupants within the space.

Before moving into a new living or work space, it’s beneficial to transmute, transform, and clear the energy of the space, the same way one would physically clean a space before moving in. Energetic clearings are also great for those who have been in the space for a long time or have a new beginning to celebrate.

Energetic home and space clearings transmute, transform, and shift the energy, giving the space a sense of flow, comfort, and ease. After a clearing the environment feels welcoming, peaceful, calming, inviting, warm, spacious, secure, free, tranquil, and open.

Imagine…the feeling of closing your eyes, taking a really deep breath, and giving yourself permission to rest and relax and let go…

Imagine…allowing yourself to surrender to the moment and simply “be” as is, just as you are…

Energetic home and space clearings are also beneficial if someone in the space has encountered a prolonged sickness, experienced a traumatic event, a death, a difficult relationship, or a situation that may have caused disharmony and discord within the space.

Besides homes, apartments, offices, and businesses, other spaces that would also greatly benefit from an energetic clearing are nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, and any other place that could use to have the energy shifted.

For realtors and anyone who may be in the process of selling or leasing a property or space, energetic clearings are of great benefit as well. For example, have you ever walked into a room or a space and “felt” that “something” just didn’t “feel” right? Did you perhaps feel uneasy, unsettled, tense, nervous, or even fearful? Did that feeling make you so uncomfortable that you just wanted to leave? Or, have you ever heard someone else mention something like this? “Although I really love the house, there’s just “something” that does not “feel” right when I’m there and even though I’m not sure what it is, it really bothers me…” This kind of thing happens quite often, either consciously or unconsciously, so if the answer is yes, then perhaps it’s time to schedule an energetic clearing!

Susan uses intention and a rattle when clearing a space, as the motion of the rattle is considered to be “like a cleansing rain or shower” in many Indigenous Cultures.

An energetic home and space clearing can take several hours or longer, depending upon the size of the space.

Pricing begins at $236 and is adjusted accordingly by the size of the house, building, space, or land. Please contact Susan for further details.


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