Kathy K.
Dysart, Iowa


I had been going through a particularly rough time in my life taking care of my father-in-law (Floyd) with alzheimers while my mother-in-law (Phyllis) was recovering in a rehabilitation nursing home. Because of where we live and where we work, it was easier for me to do this rather than my husband. Floyd isn’t real bad yet with Alzheimer’s but he does have memory problems. So I would go to work and then stop and see Phyllis and then go and fix him supper and keep the house clean. I did this Monday through Friday. On weekends, I would go home. My husband, Dennis, and I would then come back up together. This went on for two months. After about a month of it, Susie got a message for me. While doing her normal routine in her home, she looked up and saw my deceased Grandma. (My Grandma and Grandpa raised me till I was 12.)

Anyway, she described my Grandma in a white dress with blue flowers, clutching her pocketbook. I could totally visualize her! Susie told me my Grandma was very moved by what I was doing helping Floyd and Phyllis. The rest of the reading just took me back to my childhood as she described hanging sheets on the clothesline and flowers that grew next to our home. She also told me that my Grandpa and Dad and my dog were all there. As difficult as the situation was, not being able to be at home with my husband and my dog for such an extended period of time, that reading she gave me helped me get through it. I thought about them more often and knew they were with me. It’s hard to describe, but it was like I just became more loving and compassionate and accepting of the situation.

Brenda M.
Las Vegas, Nevada


I was experiencing bronchitis and pneumonia for many weeks and I was not getting better, regardless of all the spiritual, holistic and traditional medical measures I took. I shared this with Susan and she did a remote spiritual healing for me and it was outstanding. What Susan saw was extremely specific and accurate, and she shared such details with me that helped me clear some issues and take my healing and spiritual work to a new level. Not only I am grateful to Susan, but thankful that Susan came into this world with a caring heart and spiritual gifts that she generously offers to the planet and all individuals who seek her help. She is a women of high integrity, her abilities are amazing and extraordinary, and results from her work are confirmed and show immediately. I will definitely be booking Susan to travel to me to clear my home and business office. Given the results I experienced from her healings and consultation, I would be foolish if I didn’t.

Michaella, Founder of MLTCG Broadcasting


michaellaI was lucky enough to have met Susan on LinkedIn and discovered she did energy work.
Having a background in health and wellness myself along with doing bodywork I know the importance of having good energy. I was going through my own personal transitions and thought I would ask Miss Susie for a session. I knew she did remote healing and Totem Medicine Healing but had never experienced either.

Susan told me she could either talk to me during the session or it could be done with me resting where I was at and she would send me the information that came to her once she was done with the session. Now I am open to all forms of healing but with anything new, it’s hard not to have some skepticism. I really was curious to see what would come up without me being there and not even being on the phone with her.

Ironically enough, during the time she was doing my session I felt this deep sense of peace and calm as if a “wave of love” came over me. I ended up falling asleep at the very end. The next day she emailed me what came out of the session along with calling me to review what she had learned.

Before we even did the session Susie let me know that when working on clients she always cleared her sacred space and that she connected to “Source/God” to receive whatever messages needed to be expressed. Oddly enough, the things that she brought up were things that I was going through that I hadn’t even told her about. I was facing relationship issues of whether I should stay or leave. I also was struggling with standing in and honoring my truth.
These were brought up.

She had noticed some animal guides showed up, that being the fox and the monarch butterfly.
And the crazy thing was a few days later monarch butterflies showed up all around me for the whole day. It’s as if they showed themselves to me on purpose by getting in my face- you could not miss them. The butterfly is all about transformation along with other things that were going on with me. I was so shocked I called up Miss Susie to tell her.

There was so much more I could say about my session but that could be a book. Let me just finish off by saying I was not only impressed by Miss Susan’s intuitive accuracy, however she got it, but her way or knowing to penetrate the layers to get at the heart of matters with compassion is on point. She has a soothing voice and kind heart that you can feel radiating from the phone.

I know they say energy transcends all time and space but Susan helped me experience that directly for sure. I love that she offers group services as well, works with pets, and even does energy clearing for homes and businesses. I stand by Miss Susan’s work 100%+!

In fact, I believe in her so much that I invited her to be on my Health & Wellness show so that listeners had a chance to learn more about what she has to offer and to experience the kind of help and service I got from Miss Susie. Call Miss Susan today, you will be glad you did!

Mike H.
Rockford, Minnesota


Let me start out by saying that me and my wife and 2 children lived in this house for about 4 years. We had a great lake shore lot with a nice fenced in yard. It was great for the kids. The downfall was there was a train track right in front of our house.

It took a while to get used to the train rolling by in the middle of the night. My wife decided she did not like the school district and she hated the train and was worried about the kids getting hit, so she wanted to move to Wayzata. So, we started looking for a house in Wayzata and found one that we liked, so we bought it. I then put the house on Lake Sarah on the market about 2 weeks later.

The house was on the market for 3 months and no offers. In the meantime, me and my wife split up, so I went back to live in the Lake Sarah home. I did not like the house either, but I stayed there. Two more months went by and the realtor called me and said she had a house that was available on Lake Independence, so I went out and looked at it, bought it, and I moved in the next month, knowing that I had to get rid of the Lake Sarah place, as it had been on the market for six months by then with still no offers. So, I called Susie and asked her to do a clearing of the house because at that point, I just needed to get rid of it. Susie went out and did the clearing. After she did the clearing, she then told me that I needed to mow the lawn, as it was getting long. So, I went out one afternoon after work and mowed the lawn and while I was there, a man stopped by to look at the house, as he had seen the For Sale sign in front. I showed him the house and he really liked it but for the pricing to work for me, I needed to no longer be in a contract with a realtor and at that time, I still had 30 more days left of my contract.

When I told Susie about this, she told me right away that this was the man who was going to buy the house. I did not believe her and I told her she was full of sh_t. She also told me that I would need to wait the 30 days out, as there was nothing she could do about the contract I was in. I didn’t want to wait, I just wanted to sell it.

Anyway, 30 days went by and the very same day that I got out of my contract with the realtor, about an hour after the contract was terminated, I got a call from the same man who Susie said was going to buy the house. He asked if he could bring his parents out to look at the house, so later that day, I went and showed the house to them. They bought the house the next day. Cash deal. Full price.

I was so happy, I called Susie and told her the news and thanked her over and over again. The house was on the market for 6 months and after the clearing, she let me know who the buyer would be and after 30 days, it sold the next day after my contract ended! It was well worth the investment. I would have her clear the next house I buy.

I also asked her to clear the new house I bought. She cleared the new house that I moved into on Lake Independence and although I myself could not feel a difference, when she was leaving my house after the clearing, I walked her out to her car and I could not believe my eyes! The Full Moon was directly over my house and there were beams of light shining down just on my house! It was kinda spooky! We talked about how cool that was and I said I hoped the clearing would help.

Yolanda Lewis
San Jose, California



I had not had exposure to the possibilities of a spiritual healing and had no idea what I was in for.

After injuring my elbow I experienced damage from an ultrasound machine that caused deterioration in the muscle and caused loss of partial use of my right arm.

I wore a compression sleeve for over a year prior to the healing and had problems picking up a glass of water (I am right handed).

I tried acupuncture which helped, but I was unable to make use of my arm or participate in playing basketball due to the injury.

Since the healing I have been able to use my arm for typing, writing and for the first time in months I was able to shoot a basketball and made three baskets without pain in my arm for the first time in over a year!

I have also experienced more vivid dreams and a stronger spiritual connection since my healing.

Susie is the BEST!